The third Statutory Body in the church


President: Mr.
Contact Number(s): xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx


1. To contribute to the spiritual development of the youth through personal prayers, Bible and spiritual readings and participation in the sacramental apostolic life of the Church.
2. To promote Catholic identity and encouragement through inculcation of Catholic doctrines and practices as contained in the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church.
3. To coordinate the activities of the Catholic Youth at the Parish level in such a way as to make a meaningful impact on the development of the Church and the nation.
4. To promote and strengthen the Organisation at Parish level through rallies, lectures, seminars, retreats, Bible studies, Youth fellowships and related activities.
5. To promote and sponsor cultural, social, political, economical and sporting activities or events.
Meeting Days:
General Meeting - Third Sunday Every Month
Zonal Meeting - Second Sunday Every Month
Time: Immediately after the 8am mass (both meetings)
National Uniforms, White Long Sleeve on Black Trouser/Skirt (below the knee)

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